The talisman of deportation in the event of danger and disaster



The deportation talisman is a new product from your master marabout HOUEGAN, a serious African marabout, to provide mystical security to those who do high-risk work. These are those who work in mines, dangerous sites, pilots, those who work on the sea, drivers who take dangerous roads ... The deportation talisman is intended to save the life of the user when a mortal danger or catastrophe happens to him. It is an effective talisman and very simple to use. Just put it on your left arm before you start high risk work. When a danger arises, of which you will have to die, the magical force contained in this talisman will carry you and drop you in a safe place that you will have indicated at the time of manufacture by the master marabout. The great master marabout HOUEGAN is at your disposal to make your life easier. Make your order now and work safely.



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