The hand, without having spoken to anyone, expose the palms, then the backs of both hands to smoke coming from a container containing lit coal and a pinch of black powder from meat. a charred and pounded sirakogoma. Make the gesture twice and each time, hedge the figure with both hands joined. Do this for seven days and then stop. That done, any medicine offered with such a hand will surely cure the patient.
Constitute the following elements: a molt of a black snake (spitting snake), roots of a chilli plant having at least twelve months of existence and which lives at the foot of a tamarind tree, one or two chilli pods ( Capsicum frutescens). roughly crush everything. Place the product obtained on burning charcoal in a broken shard of canary and expose your hands above the smoke that emerges from the container.
Any medicine prepared, taken and administered by such a hand will heal, except contrary to the will of God, the person for whom it is intended. _ Very early in the morning, bathe Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in water containing a dry head of chameleon, a handful of bourbourwa (Eragrostis tremula), a piece of wood from a thick board on which the butcher breaks the bones with an ax, all crushed. Makes the hand happy. marabout clairvoyant paris, grand clairvoyant medium african, marabout medium serieux, clairvoyant african serious, grand marabout nigeria, marabout serieux honnete, marabout Chicago, marabout beninois in USA.



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